Design of Honor Mini Speaker


Before introducing HONOR Mini Speaker, we might as well learn about the development of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speaker refers to the audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chip. Bluetooth’s connection is used. It frees users from annoying cables and can listen to music in various ways.

For people, turning wired into wireless is not as simple as missing a tail. For the surprises brought by people at that time, we can refer to the current wireless charging.

Because of its convenience, Bluetooth speaker was popular when it was born. It has become a necessity for many consumers. Users can connect Bluetooth speakers to relax in music or movies.

 I saw the Honor Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker. I realized that the original Bluetooth speaker could be so exquisite and smaller. Through the attached woven hanging rope, users can even hang it on their schoolbags as accessories. The red color matching is excellent.

The fuselage adopts square design and raspberry red color matching. The size is small and exquisite, and the required space is only 54*54*55 mm. The weight is about 120 g, which can be easily held in the palm.

Honor Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker feels equally comfortable and enjoyable. It is due to the external use of silicone covers. It makes people feel that they don’t want to put it down when they hold it in their hands. The silicone sleeve is more conducive to protecting the sound box.

The hidden charging hole (Micro USB) supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof. It can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Don’t worry about daily domestic water and water accidents. The matched battery is a 660mAh lithium battery. It can be used for 4 hours and has a long endurance. The charging time is about 80 minutes.

Honor Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker uses 3W full-frequency speaker. It covers the frequency band of 50-25000 Hz. It can be seen that this is a bass-focused product. After all, judging from the whole Bluetooth speaker market, this kind of small-sized Bluetooth speaker with high portability basically uses a single sound generating unit. Therefore, the sound style of Honor Rubik’s Cube speaker is just like what Honor President described: a loud subwoofer.

The bottom of the Mini speaker is designed with an independent bass diaphragm. Users can see the rhythm beating with their own eyes when playing. For users who like to watch movies at home, Honor Mini Bluetooth speaker can double-click the key to form left and right channels with another Honor Bluetooth speaker, i.e. Dual combination stereo (TWS pairing). Users can connect mobile phones, tablets or notebooks to create a mini home cinema effect.

HONOR Mini speaker is such a simple and practical product. You can know about it.