An Accessibility Overlay and Its Significance for Your Business


Many business owners should understand the importance of using accessibility overlays for their business. It helps keep your website running smoothly. If you need to work on accessibility issues, you would have to use Google Webmaster and switch on the ‘Fetch as Google’ feature so that this search engine can crawl via the site, as per the guidelines, making sure there are no major issues.

Installing an accessibility overlay adds value to your site

Google conducts its bot through any site to ensure it is indexed. However, you need to see how it looks in the actual browser. When you use a reliable accessibility overlay, you are assisting people with disabilities to access your site freely, and they can have an enjoyable experience with it.

If you allow them to browse your website with the ‘Fetch and Render’ option switched off, you will not know what users see on your site. It looks different if a user does not have a vision or needs to use a screen reader (blind users) or just have its images turned off. Again, there will also be no color contrast, and this will make it hard for users to differentiate between colors and backgrounds.

Business owners should note that the ‘Fetch as Google’ option should always be on for the site, especially if you resort to Google Analytics to view statistics. If your site is not accessible, it will influence analytics.

Screen readers and users

With screen readers, many visitors automatically bookmark the site and create a shortcut for easy user access. This means if the site does not have this feature and users do not find it when they log in again, they probably will never come back to the site for their needs.

Keyboard navigation is essential

For small to medium scale companies, especially for users who look for search engines, an inaccessible site will be a big sorrow over blessing because of its impact on the users with disabilities. As a business owner, you must ensure that your site is accessible to everyone who visits your site online, including people with disabilities. You must ensure that it has screen readers and keyboard navigation so that people with motor disorders are able to access it without hassles.

As a business owner, the last thing you expect is to lose money, time, and, most important potential customers because your site is not accessible. You might have the best content online; however, if people are not able to access it, they will never be able to find you. This means you will not get repeat business for your site.

It is very important for you to ensure that your site is accessible so that search engines are able to index them properly irrespective of what device a user might deploy for browsing the Internet when they come across your website. An accessibility overlay is the best solution for your business, and banking on it gives your business value for money!