BudgetVM Review: SSD Powered Windows VPS Hosting with Powerful Infrastructure 


The concept of SSD VPS hosting is making a buzz in the website hosting market sometimes now. Now hosting admirers will probably wonder what can be the difference between VPS and SSD powered window VPS hosting. Therefore, before digging deep in the article, it is vital to differentiate these two terms. In SSD Window VPS hosting, the drivers are default storage medium, and they are way better in terms of reliability, scalability, and speed compared to VPS deployed servers.

BudgetVM is the pioneer of SSD VPS hosting, which has served its clients since 2004 and is equipped with a happy client base.

Features of BudgetVM’s SSD VSP Packages

Let’s briefly have a look at what BudgetVM provides in their SSD window VPS hosting package.

BudgetVM SSD VPS Hosting Packages: $12.50 to $40

The price of their Window VPS plan ranges from $12.50 to $40 per month. No matter if you are a startup or an established business, this package is equipped with a lot of features to take your business or blog to the new heights of success. 

Here are a few of the additional features:

  • Custom Built Control Panel
  • From 50GB to 1000GB SSD storage
  • 100 MBPS bandwidth
  • IP’s at additional charges
  • Managed hosting services with additional charges
  • 24 by 7 Customer Support Services

BudgetVM’s Managed SSD Window VPS Hosting: $50/month

I know many of you are not tech-savvy and looking for someone who can manage the portal on your behalf. You can reap the benefits of managed hosting services with the additional charges of $50 / month: 

Here are a few of the benefits that you will get in managed services.

  • Hosted server
  • instant customer support services
  • installation services

ssd vps budgertvm.png

Why Choose BudgetVM for SSD Window VPS Hosting?

Advantages of Solid State Drive VPS Hosting.png

Listed are a few of the reasons that are inclining clients to buy their services.

  1. Easy to Navigate Control Panel

This hosting company has a straightforward and convenient control panel that is easy to navigate by users. This way, it will be easy to review your business options and manage your hosting account with ease.

  1. Automatic Updates

In case of any threat, the company keeps its client updated to avoid glitches or data theft.

  1. Rock-Solid Security

As far as security is concerned, the company comes first among its rivals. They have all the security features at the place to avoid any attack and vulnerabilities.

  1. Easy Installation

The installation services that they offer are very easy in comparison to any other hosts. You can easily integrate your Joomla, word press, e-commerce website with the hosting server.

  1. Excellent Bandwidth

There is always enough bandwidth to handle the traffic spike from your site whenever you run a giveaway or contest.

  1. Efficient Servers

The biggest issue for enterprises is to handle traffic spikes. Hence, BudgetVM provides enough bandwidth to its clients to handle traffic in access.

My Take:

The company is equipped with very reliable packages. These packages are suitable for both newbie and established businesses. There is an excellent review about their customer support services on various portals. However, customers should analyze various reviews before making their final decision. To know better about the packages they offer, you can contact their customer support services for better understanding.

BudgetVM’s Affiliate Program

affiliate Screenshot.png

Apart from such alluring hosting packages, there are special programs that BudgetVM prepares for those interested in leveraging their services to make money. They allow you to join their affiliate program for free and make money as you refer customers to them. You can earn some percentage of money with each referral.


However, if the customer cancels his hosting plan, receives a refund, or becomes suspended, the affiliate loses his affiliate reward. 

Once you are registered for their affiliate program, they will give you promotional materials like banners, affiliate links, etc., which you will place on your website/blog. If your site visitors click on the links to purchase a hosting package, you will be paid a commission because the sales came via your site.

It is relatively easy to make sales by telling your site users about the BudgetVM VPS service or all because many people are looking to get those services online. Since BudgetVM is a trusted web hosting service provider, it is easier to convince your readers to visit and buy hosting packages from their site.

Client Testimonials

Here are a few of the review of their satisfied clients:

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What makes BudgetVM different from its competitors?


  • They give the guarantee to provide maximum uptime to its clients with lower latency.
  • The data transfer is way faster, and the bandwidth is more reliable because the reading or writing speeds are faster, making the servers more competent.
  • This kind of hosting comes with lightweight features, anti-vibration structure, and robust structuring, making it less prone to common physical failures. In the end, therefore, servers that are SSD based are more reliable.
  • SSDs offer instant page loading, and they are ideal for supporting easy configuration and application development. You can quickly scale them compared to the hard disk drives, and users enjoy backup settings that are friendly.

Final Words

Ultimately, you should pay for the services, which in the end are worth to your money. You will find great value for your money if you choose a reliable, scalable, and renowned Windows SSD Cloud VPS servers provider for you.