Acadia Healthcare (NASDAQ: ACHC): Can it be stated as undervalue promising online stock?


Several companies are currently showing erratic behavior due to the recent economic and market conditions. This is the reason, why one should study each and every stock thoroughly before investing in it. One such stock that is currently behaving erratically is the Acadia Healthcare NASDAQ: ACHC stocks at It is better to study the stock’s present condition along with the past performance to know if it is a better option to invest in.

About Acadia Healthcare

Acadia Healthcare is a behavioral therapy provider. It was founded in 2005 in Tennesse. Currently, it has 584 centers spread across the USA, UK, and Puerto Rico. They specialize in providing various types of behavioral treatments related to addiction, PTSD, etc. They have various outpatient, inpatient along with residential centers, hospitals, school-based programs, etc.

The earnings report and a new facility

Currently, the firm has announced that it will release its earnings reports of this quarter. The release date is 4th august 2020. This will give the investors and the analysts an idea about how the stocks will perform in the next few weeks after the earnings report release.  

Other than this, Acadia Healthcare is also in the news due to its new project of opening a behavioral health center. This center is developed in partnership with Tower Health. This facility called Tower Behavioral Health will be a complete hub of behavioral and mental health care.

Undervalued Acadia Healthcare stocks

Investors are relying on various metrics and indicators to understand what the current condition of a stock is. Many tend to rely on the analyst and their estimates about the business and their performance. 

However, many value investors rely on the key performance indicators of the company. And the value investors are one who actually can start a stock market trend regarding a certain share type. For the value investors, the most thing is to search for undervalued shares. These shares are the ones that still have the potential for growth and profits.

Currently, the Acadia Healthcare NASDAQ: ACHC is regarded as value stocks. The PE ratio of the stocks is at 11.38 and the market PE ratio average is at 13.11. Therefore, it can be said that these stocks are undervalued. Other than this, Acadia Healthcare also has a PEG ratio that is under the average industry PEG ratio. The industry ratio is 1.7 and the Acadia Healthcare PEG ratio is 1.59. Thus, it can be said that it still has rotational to grow, especially if the earnings estimates are taken into consideration. 

Final words 

Acadia Healthcare is one of the most promising stocks in the market. Not only it is about to open a new mental health facility but is also about to release their earnings reports in July. All this is making it a stock that investors are looking forward to. You can buy stocks via online brokerage account after checking more stock news. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.