Buying your first gaming monitor? Don’t miss these aspects!


The relevance of visuals in gaming cannot be ignored, and it goes without saying that the monitor is one of the most critical components you need to buy. Buying your first gaming monitor can be an overwhelming experience, considering that there is so much to choose from. Experts may recommend something that’s top-of-the-line, like Primecables 4K gaming monitor, and you have to take a call based on what fits your requirements. Before we discuss the things that matter, we would suggest that you consider the gaming monitor as an investment, and therefore, spending a tad more than the expected budget is never a bad idea.

Basic things to consider

If you really want to buy a decent gaming monitor, you should be looking at a budget of $250 or above. Some gaming monitors are as expensive as $700 or more, but for beginners, or someone who is just exploring the basics, it doesn’t make sense to spend that much. Another pointer that matters is the graphics card. Consider what you have to intend to buy, because if you go for a cheap graphics card and wish to buy the best gaming monitor with it, your experience wouldn’t be as great as expected. In other words, you need to have a good or at least a decent graphics card if you want a good gaming monitor. Similarly, if you have a great graphics card, don’t go for a cheap monitor.

Resolution of gaming monitors

There are varied kinds of gaming monitors, and the resolution largely determines the price. A full-HD gaming monitor will have a resolution of 1080p, which isn’t what most gaming enthusiasts will consider adequate. You need to go for a 4K gaming monitor that has a resolution of 2160p, for which you can expect to pay around $300 or more.

Don’t miss the refresh rate

For gaming purposes, you have to consider the refresh rate of the monitor, which is measured in hertz. This basically refers to how many times it can actually refresh image on display in a second. The best-in-class monitors have a refresh rate of anywhere between 60hz and 240Hz, but this would be no use without a competent graphics card.

As for the best deals and prices on gaming monitors, online stores are your best bet, and you will find many choices based on what you wish to spend and other features, including the brand.