Migrate from Oracle to MySQL


Although Oracle is very popular and powerful database management system, it comes with strict licensing policy and high cost of installation and development. Due to these facts many companies plan to migrate from Oracle to MySQL since the target DBMS has multiple benefits:

  • It is one of the most easy-to-use database management systems
  • It is powerful and flexible enough to handle corporate scale data warehouses
  • It has much less ownership expenses
  • It provides good integration with Web
  • It has large community of professionals and a lot of support forums

On the other hand, Oracle better fits for complex corporate scale data ware houses due wide range of powerful features:

  • Exclusive scenarios of authentication like LDAP and Active Directory
  • True full-text search
  • Complex administration tools and frameworks for developers
  • Integration with business intelligence applications

So, if there is any chance to deploy the database into complicated warehouse system, migration to MySQL does not look reasonable.

How to migrate Oracle to MySQL

The most straight forward way to migrate database from Oracle to MySQLis extract-transfer-load (ETL) approach consisting of the following steps:

  • definitions of Oracle tables, indexes and constraints must be exported in form of DDL-statements
  • those DDL-statements must be converted in MySQL format using the appropriate type mappingand naming rules
  • the resulting DDL-statements must be loaded to MySQL
  • Oracle data must be exported into temporary storage(CSV or plain text files)
  • data in those files must be transformed according to MySQL format and loaded into the destinationtables
  • Oracle triggers, views, stored procedures and functions must be exported into SQL-statements and source code
  • those statements and code must be transformed according to the destination dialect of SQL and loaded it to MySQL database

These steps prove that database migration is a tediousand complicated procedure, especially for large databases having triggers, stored procedures and functions. Migrating database manually may cause data integrity loss or some othererrors to the human factor. Fortunately, there arespecial tools automating the database migration process.

Oracle to MySQL converter

One of the tools designed to migrate Oracle to MySQL is developed by Intelligent Converters. This software vendorspecializeson database migration and synchronization since 2001. Theconverter handles basic databaseobjects with necessary properties and attributes:

  • Schemas
  • Data
  • Indexesandconstraints
  • Views

Itsupports command line to script and schedule the database migration. When direct connection to MySQL is not available, the application exports Oracle database to MySQL script that can be imported to MySQL via the standard tools later. Other features of Oracle to MySQL converter:

  • All versions of Oracle and MySQL are supported including MariaDB and Percona
  • High performance (more than 20,000 rows per second on an average modern system)
  • Merge and synchronizeexisting MySQL database with Oracle data
  • Filter data to migratethrough SELECT-queries
  • Option to change type and name of columns, exclude particular columns from migration

Learn more about Oracle to MySQL converter at https://www.convert-in.com/oracle-to-mysql.htm